Core Values

For most of us, dogs are not our whole lives ... but dogs make our lives whole.

We want the best for every dog and puppy we handle.  All of our puppies are born and raised in our home allowing for engaging socialization prior to joining their new families at 8 weeks of age. 

We choose to partner with other exceptional breeders and will place our dogs with hand-picked guardians. We want every dog we breed living in a loving family environment and not restricted  to a kennel during their breeding years.

MI Mountain Doodles will not ship a puppies. We prefer to have potential families meet with us at our home to view puppies in person. Our puppies currently live in California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee. Not a one of them were shipped!  They all went via airplane cabin or by car with their new owners..

We love our puppies and our customers.  So we encourage them to stay in touch through facetime puppy visits. 

For every adoption we make, our goal is simple:
We want to hear the family say, "We got the best puppy in the bunch!

Image by Frances Gunn

How Guardianships Work

The best breeders are the ones who truly care about the quality of a dog's life. That's why they use guardian homes to help with care. This allows the breeding program to grow as well as allows future parents a wonderful loving family life instead of a life inside a kennel.

Here's how the MI Mountain Doodles Program works:

We provide a puppy to an approved guardian home at no cost to the guardian. The puppies are typically AKC purebred and cost several thousand dollars. We pay for puppy shots and exams and yearly check ups otherwise the guardian takes on the other costs of care. We have a contract that states who is responsible for what specifically. A typical situation would be agreeing to a total of 3 litters once the dog is ready for breeding. The dog comes to our farm for breeding and then comes back shortly before the due date to deliver her litter. She receives exceptional care and attention while staying here - usually 6-8 weeks and then returns to her family. Once the agreed number of litters is fulfilled we pay to have the dog spayed and sign over complete ownership to the guardian.