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Welcome to
MI Mountain Doodles!

We are a small family farm raising Mountain Dog Breed Doodles exclusively.

We connect healthy, happy, and well-socialized Bernedoodles and Saint Berdoodles with their forever families.

We invite you to learn more about Michigan Mountain Doodles

F1 Bernedoodles Coming Soon! 

Our next litter of F1 Bernedoodles is planned for October 2022 and will be available around Christmas.  If you would like to reserve a puppy please submit an application and we will contact you when the litter has been confirmed. 

Once we have a confirmed litter, we will begin accepting deposits.  Puppy selection is based on order of deposits received. 



Meet the Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles are fun loving, go with the flow and just love to be around their humans. A mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, Bernedoodles are clever, gentle and loyal. They adore children and make an excellent addition to the family.

Bernedoodles are large breed dogs averaging from 70 to 95 pounds. Training should begin early!  Specifically known for their “laid back” personalities, Bernedoodles are very intelligent and easily trained

Bernedoodle colors vary. They may be solid color or any combination of two or three colors that include: black, brown, tan, rust and white. Bernedoodles are a hypoallergenic breed with a soft coat they will require periodic grooming much like the poodle.


Meet the Saint Berdoodle


Saint Berdoodles represent the very best traits of the St. Bernard and the Poodle.  They are friendly, intelligent and loyal.  They make excellent family dogs.

Saint Berdoodles are the largest doodle breed. Saint Berdoodle size has a wide range but typically females will average 95-105 plus pounds.  Males average 110-130 lbs. Most are low to no shedding and will require periodic grooming much like their poodle parent. Saint Berdoodles are quickly gaining popularity because of their awesome temperaments.

Saint Bernedoodles are versatile dogs who love people and being part of a family.

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Meet Our Moms

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AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

FUTURE MOM in 2023

95 lbs


Indy lives close in an amazing guardian home.  Her human siblings are horse lovers, so Indy is a regular at the barn. 

Indy is also in training to go on therapy visits!


AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

FUTURE MOM in 2022

85 lbs


Oakley is our newest mom!  We are expecting her first litter in November 2022!  

Oakley has a very sweet personality and loves being part of the family. 

Little Eddie

Saint Bernard

145 lbs


Eddie is an outstanding mom. She is very attentive to her puppies.  

She loves to swim, play, and nap. Eddie loves everyone she meets, especially kids!

Eddie is completely unaware of her size but is very gentle.

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F1 Standard Bernedoodle

65 lbs - RETIRED 2022

Coda has retired as is enjoying life with her former guardian, now forever family!

 Darla Jo

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

110 lbs - RETIRED 2022


Darla retired in 2022 and now spends her days enjoying life on the Coleman's Farm!  

She also really enjoys going up north with the family and hiking in the woods!


AKC Standard Poodle

55 lbs - RETIRED 2022

Charlotte retired in 2022 and lives with her former guardian, now forever family!

Meet Our Dads

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AKC Standard Poodle
70 lbs


Camo is a very calm and loyal companion.  

He is known to bring you "gifts" when you arrive. It could be a toy, pillow, blanket, laundry, absolutely anything nearby he will carry over to you when you come to his house. He has passed this adorable trait to many of his pups!

Big Sam

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

125 lbs


Big Sam is a stunning Berner from Rocky Top Acres.  

He lives on a large farm with horses, cattle, and pigs!


Big Sam has been in several competitions and always stands out. He won grand champion for obedience!


AKC Standard Poodle
90 lbs


Copper's guardian family lives on a small farm with all sorts of farm animals. 

He is very laid back and devoted to his family. Copper's two favorite things are his human kids and going camping. 

Take a Look at Our Past Pups!

Say hello to  some of our past pups! Click here for news on upcoming litters!

About the Farm

We have called our historical farm “home” for 31 years.  For many of those years we were actively involved in 4H. Raising steers, pigs and chickens and always having dogs by our side. Working hard to be the best resulted in multiple grand champions and taught our children work ethics that helped them to become successful adults.

We apply the same dedication to excellence, with our doodle breeding program, created in 2014. Our dogs are our life! They have room to run, play, swim and explore the outdoors.

Each and every dog we own, breed, provide guardianships to is exceptionally cared for and loved beyond measure. 

We would love to welcome you into the family as a MI Mountain Doodle Bernedoodle Puppy Owner.

From a Client...

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We are proud owners of two of Cindy's wonderful Bernedoodles - Oliver & Harlow. Our family absolutely loves this breed for their love of goofy fun, chill attitude and amazing love and loyalty.  


We are doubly blessed with two of these guys running our home!  I also have to say that I have never seen a breeder so devoted to her puppies and the families they join.  Cindy and MI Mountain Doodles comes highly recommended.

Paula M.  –  Kalamazoo MI

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